About me:

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) psychotherapist and received my Masters of Science degree in Counseling from California State University at Fullerton.  I am a registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern (IMF license no. 67013) in private practice under supervision of Sheila Diskin (MFT license no. 33881) and am governed by the laws of the State of California and the rules and regulations of the Board of Behavioral Sciences pertaining to Marriage and Family Therapists.  In addition to my counseling degree, I have also taken courses for certification in Imago therapy (for couples work) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique (aka The Tapping Solution)).

The counseling approach that I use is best described as integrative psychotherapy – utilizing a combination of various therapeutic strategies and skills depending upon a client’s unique challenges.  I have considerable training in relationship counseling and experience in the following theoretical orientations:  psychodynamic, Imago theory, interpersonal neurobiology, family systems and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Where does therapy occur?

Therapy sessions are held in the therapist’s private practice in Laguna Hills, right off the 5 Freeway at the La Paz exit. In addition, once a therapeutic relationship has been established, sessions may also be conducted via the internet and video conferencing (i.e., Facetime, Skype, etc.) if the client consents to such sessions, given the possible breach of confidentiality that exists in many electronic devices, including, but not limited to, video conferencing, cell phones, email and texting.

Is therapy for me?

Sadly, in our society, many of us have developed a very high tolerance for emotional pain.  You may have learned early on to be “tough” and not ask for help — especially if by asking, you feel weak and/or vulnerable.   If carrying a heavy burden on your own is “normal” for you, you may not even be aware of how heavy that burden is and how much it affects your life.  But today, you have made a significant choice by visiting this site:  a choice to be open to easing your burden by sharing it with someone else. The reasons for seeking therapy are as varied as the clients I see.

  • a relationship that’s become filled more with passionate arguing than passionate intimacy
  • an individual struggling with issues of depression and/or anxiety
  • challenges in staying on task, focused and meeting goals
  • successful navigation of major life transitions

There is help.  There is hope.

In our rush-rush-rush daily life, it is often challenging to find the time and space to slow down long enough to be aware of what it is you are feeling and why.  In a safe and caring environment, a therapist helps slow life down to a pace that’s conducive to supporting your journey of self-exploration and knowledge, as well as providing you tools to use in your own life outside of the therapist’s office.

What is a therapy session like?

Again, each session is based on what each individual brings to the session.  For a couple, much of the session is experiential skill building to enable the couple to truly hear their partner in a safe setting and learn to communicate in ways that create deeper connection.  For individuals, a session may be primarily “talk therapy,” focusing on the items you bring to session to bring you great understanding.  The session may also include tools to increase your quality of life, such as mindfulness exercises and stress relief.

Do you prescribe medication?

Only a physician, such as your internist of a psychiatrist may prescribe medication.   In the event of sustained changes in your mood, it is always beneficial to schedule a physical with your treating physician to rule out potential physical origins of these changes.  Should you desire, I can consult with your physician with regard to any medication you are currently taking.  Referrals may also be provided in the event a client’s emotional distress appears to be  exacerbated by a chemical imbalance.  In most cases, however, clients find that the process of therapy itself is sufficient to reduce anxiety and move forward in more positive directions.

Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?

I have both a legal and ethical duty to ensure that what we discuss remains confidential.  There are instances however, where I am required both by law and ethics to break that confidentiality.  First, if I have reason to believe that a child, an elderly person, or a dependent adult is being abused, neglected or financially exploited, I am legally obligated to disclose such information to appropriate agencies.  Laws known as “mandatory reporting statutes” leave me no room for discretion.  In those situations, I am mandated to report my concerns to the requisite authorities.

Secondly, I am obligated to break confidentiality when doing so is necessary to protect an individual’s physical safety.  Finally, certain legal proceedings or The Patriot Act of 2001 may require that I disclose otherwise confidential information.  In such event, I will make every reasonable effort to discuss this matter with the client first; it being my preference to make any such disclosures with my client’s full knowledge.

On occasion, I will consult with other mental health professionals when I determine that doing so would be helpful to the psychotherapeutic process.  When speaking with mental health professionals within my practice, I will make every reasonable effort to disguise identifying information.

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